10 Unwoolly Reasons to Love Wool

We have unashamedly taken this list from the West Yorkshire Spinners‘ website as we love it so much.  We hope you will, too:

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10 Unwoolly Reasons to Love Wool

1. Pure wool is 100% natural, 100% renewable, 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable. If you love the environment, use more wool!
2. Wool is warmer. How else would sheep keep so snug on a snowy hillside?
3. Wool has safety benefits too. According to firefighters, wool carpets are more flame-retardant if your house catches fire, and give off significantly less smoke.
4. And wool breathes … naturally. Children love the sensation of wearing real Merino wool against their skin.
5. Sleep under woollen blankets and duvets for a scientifically-proven deeper, cosier night’s rest.
6. Wool has hypoallergenic properties. The kindest, most natural material around.
7. It’s so versatile. Insulate with it, soundproof with it, even package with it. The world’s oldest renewable material is also the most modern.
8. Wool carpets look better for longer – a lasting investment.
9. Sheep are part of our historic landscape. Imagine Britain without fields of sheep. But it could happen…
10. Sheep numbers have halved in 20 years. Partly because we’re all using less wool. Embrace wool and save our sheep!

All we are saying is… Give fleece a chance

I didn’t know all these facts about wool but I stock it because I want to have a sustainable product and help to get the UK wool industry moving.  Here are some of the gorgeous wools from West Yorkshire Spinners we have in stock right now.

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