Getting the Brentwood Belles ‘hooked’ on crochet

We were asked to go along last night to have a chat about crochet to The Brentwood Belles WI.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, The Brentwood Belles are one of the ‘young and trendy’ Women’s Institute branches springing up across the country, with members ranging in age from 25 upwards.

I was on a great triple bill, along with of Lyla Patel from TRAID (a charity based around recycling textiles) and Claire Mackaness from The Brentwood Bag Project (another recycling project, of which more later).  The WI hall was packed, with over 80 women in attendance.

Sue Carron from We Three Yarn Shop in Brentwood Essex speaking to The Brentwood Belles WI

The ‘Belles wanted a potted history of crochet before I demonstrated some simple techniques to get them started with their own designs.  Fortunately for me, partly because I don’t like speaking in front of big crowds and partly because I had lost my voice due to cold, the history of crochet is pretty short!

Sue Carron from We Three The Yarn Shop demonstrating crochet to The Brentwood Belles WI

So it didn’t take long to get stuck in to showing the group how to crochet a simple chain.  Some of the ladies had done a bit of crochet before and were able to help the others, but most just spent the evening giggling about their first attempts.

Our Crown Street 'neighbour', Lin, from The French Quarter

Despite my cold, I wound up having a lovely time chatting with the ‘Belles and encouraging them along with their efforts.  I hope that I’ll see some of the ladies again at our knitting group


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