Spitalfields Market

Two of the ladies, Maggi and Susan,  from the knitting club, who are avid weavers as well as knitters/crocheters,  went to Spitalfields Market recently to a weaving fair and  Susan  put some pictures and info onto her blog


Susan also spins wool and makes projects from the yarn that she has spun and there are some pictures on the blog of the weaving and spun yarns that she has produced.  While they were at Spitalfields Market they bought some beautiful Colinette yarns which I hope to be able to stock if sales improve at the shop!

Why not come along to the Craft club on Thursday evenings (every other Thursday 7-9 pm) as the shop is closed and we have more space for the loom or any other project that you may wish to try!   Next evening group is on the 9th May.

I have borrowed a drop spindle from Susan and am going to try to spin some wool!  Watch this space!


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