The reality of TOWIE

Being one of the shops along Crown Street in Brentwood, Essex — the very epicentre of  The Only Way is Essex (yes, that is indeed where we got our website name from !) — we are frequently treated to front row seats to TOWIE filming.

Peri Sinclair and Mario Falcone filming TOWIE

With the Sugar Hut a few yards away, Minnies Boutique just down the road and Crown Street’s very own Bizara Cards featuring as a backdrop quite a few times in series 3, we’re getting used to seeing cameras, crew and, erm, “stars”, roll up at short notice to shoot a scene for that weeks’ episode of TOWIE.

Whether you like the reality show or not if a matter of personal preference, but it’s hard not to feel a frisson of excitement when you hear the director shout “Lights, Action, Camera” just a few feet away from you.

Thanks to our big front window, our knitting club often gets to watch the filming whilst sitting comfortably on our sofas, sipping on a cup of tea and purling away.  Come to think of it, maybe we should suggest to the producers that they get the Brentwood TOWIE girls – Lucy, Gemma, Sam and Billie – to film a scene in our shop.

Hmmm…just off now to email the show…. 🙂

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